2020 Citizens Redistricting Commission


Thank you for supporting our outreach effort to recruit a diverse pool of applicants for the 2020 Citizens Redistricting Commission. To help you with your own outreach efforts, the following materials are available for your use:

Top 10 Questions (PDF)
Fact Sheet (PDF)
FLYER (Two-Sided PDF in Languages Below)
Social Media
Brand Kit
Digital Display Graphics
External Organizations

While neither affiliated with or endorsed by the California State Auditor's Office, below are links to various organizations that supported our efforts to conduct outreach to eligible Californians about the opportunity to submit an initial application to serve on the 2020 Citizens Redistricting Commission. Now in the Supplemental Application Period, many of these organizations may be offering informational events to assist applicants as they proceed through the application and selection process. We are always eager to assist applicants and provide them with information about events that might be helpful. If you are interested, check the various websites linked below and direct your questions about non-California State Auditor events to the appropriate sponsor.

Statewide and Community Organizations

Final Applicant Demographic Graphics From Initial Application Period

If you have any questions about these materials or need additional information, please contact Margarita Fernandez at 916-445-0255.